Christmas gift parcels

Less-than-container load shipments: next cut-off: Jan 22, 2023.  

                 Our new warehouse is in Plainfield,NJ: Please do NOT ship to Jersey City address!

                                    Full container loads: arranged as needed - Please call!                                  

                                    Air cargo to Rga: next shipment cut-off: Jan 25, at noon

                                         Air cargo and ocean shipmnts  to Tallinn and from Rga: on demand.

                  AID to UKRAINE: please see small package service page for info on items needed and costs for shipping.

                                                 Our next aid shipment: end of January, 2023


Less-than-container load shipments to Rga: next cut-off: Jan 23, 2023. 

                  Less-than-container load shipments to Tallinn: please call!                        

                        Please- all cargo deliveries to our new warehouse in Plainfield, NJ                                             Jersey City address is no longer in effect

                                    Full container loads: arranged as needed!  Please call!                                 

Air cargo to Rga: next cut-off: Jan 25 at noon

                     Air cargo to Tallinn and air and ocean shipments from Rga: on demand.


                  AID to UKRAINE: please see small package service page for info on items needed and costs for shipping.

Our next aid shipment: at the end of January, 2023


LASL Christmas gift parcels 2021. Please order by November 12!

We offer a selection of Christmas gift parcels.   Order online, by mail or phone,  or in person at Latvian centers where we have scheduled package collections. All orders must be received by Friday, November 12, 2021.

To place an order online:

1) Select among the two options: nos. 1 or 2  pictured below. In approximate translation, "1" is titled "Practical and yummy"; "2": "A small gift to a great friend".

2) Complete form online; if ordering more than one gift box, click on "additional" for the form to expand.

3) When order is complete, click on "Continue" and proceed to PayPal.  ** PayPal asks for a shipping address in their payment screen - indicate same as shipper or your billing address (you have, already, given us your address in Latvia).

If you encounter difficulties or prefer to order by telephone, please call: 973-744-6565, ext 5.

About the pricing:

The price indicated include shipping, but "piegade" - delivery is additional. For addresses in Riga city limits, please add $19 for customs clearance and delivery; for rural addresses and outside Riga proper, please add $26.  If you choose to send two gift boxes to one address, the delivery charges for the additional box decrease to $16.

We will add a small Christmas greeting in your name, or if you prefer to add your own Christmas card, please mail your card (greeting envelope should not be glued closed) in an envelope and mail to us: LASL, 19 N Mountain Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042-1810, so that the envelope reaches us by Nov. 12.  

Gift parcel 1: 

Practical and tasty

Parcel contains:  Simply the Best Trek Mix 16 oz. Orange Sticks Dark Choc 10 oz. Instant Coffee Packets 4.2 oz. Ferrero Rocher 21.2 oz. Sponges: 3 Colgate toothpaste 6.4 oz. Fructis shampoo 12.5 oz. Fructis conditioner 12 oz. Dove nourishment crème 2.53 oz. Dove soap: 2 bars (7.5 oz.) 

$85 + delivery

Gift parcel 2:

A small gift to a great friend

Parcel contains:  Beef Jerky 4 oz. Almonds in Almond Butter 8 oz. Banana Chips 8 oz. Cocoa Truffles 8.8 oz Vanilla Wafer Batons 5 oz. Chocolate Chip Granola Bars 7.4 oz. Dark Chocolate Powerberries 8 oz. Instant Coffee Columbian 3.5 oz. Dionis Hand Cream 1 oz.  

$65 + delivery