Air Cargo

Less-than-container load shipments: next cut-off: Jan 22, 2023.  

                 Our new warehouse is in Plainfield,NJ: Please do NOT ship to Jersey City address!

                                    Full container loads: arranged as needed - Please call!                                  

                                    Air cargo to Rīga: next shipment cut-off: Jan 25, at noon

                                         Air cargo and ocean shipmnts  to Tallinn and from Rīga: on demand.

                  AID to UKRAINE: please see small package service page for info on items needed and costs for shipping.

                                                 Our next aid shipment: end of January, 2023


Less-than-container load shipments to Rīga: next cut-off: Jan 23, 2023. 

                  Less-than-container load shipments to Tallinn: please call!                        

                        Please- all cargo deliveries to our new warehouse in Plainfield, NJ                                             Jersey City address is no longer in effect

                                    Full container loads: arranged as needed!  Please call!                                 

Air cargo to Rīga: next cut-off: Jan 25 at noon

                     Air cargo to Tallinn and air and ocean shipments from Rīga: on demand.


                  AID to UKRAINE: please see small package service page for info on items needed and costs for shipping.

Our next aid shipment: at the end of January, 2023


Air cargo: LASL offers weekly air cargo shipments from Newark to Riga, and, on demand, to Tallinn and other cities.


Schedule: weekly shipment cut-off in our Montclair office is on Thursdays at 3 pm; cargo is shipped on Fridays, and is available for clearance and pick-up on Tuesday/Wednesday of the following week. Please call if you need expedited service.


Directions for preparing a shipment:

Air cargo delivered to us should be in packaging that is shipment-ready.  If you require specific packaging, as when tranporting works of art, we can arrange crating or wrapping, but please be aware that this may entail additional prep-time and cost.

Provide a packing list with the following info:

name, address, telephone number of shipper and consignee (receiving party).

Description of contents and value of contents.

When the shipment arrives at destination airport, the consignee will be notified and should be ready to clear customs at the airport.

For additional information about procedure and customs declarations at the Riga airport, please contact our LASL Riga office: 6722 1919.




Shipments may be prepaid or collect to Riga, prepaid to all other airports. Please be aware that cost will be based on dimensional weight, hence cost for a box containing down pillows will be assessed based on volume rather than weight.

Your invoice will include insurance for value up to $1500; if you require additional insurance, please notify us in advance.


Internet purchases:

For purchases from Ebay, Amazon and other vendors, indicate your name and our Montclair address for “ship to” address.Then email or call us to: notify of expected package, indicate payment method, provide consignee info, send packing list showing contents and value.Your packing list may be the Amazon purchase receipt. We will process your shipment as soon as you notify us that we have received all expected packages. For multiple packages - we can consolidate up to 30 days! : ) 


Size and weight restrictions: please contact us in advance for rates if your shipment exceeds any of the following dimensions or weight:

Length:125 inches, ( 315 cm)

Width: 96 inches, (240 cm)

Height: 64 inches, (160 cm)

Weight: 4800 lbs,(2170 kgs)


For heavy or oversize shipments:

If shipment is palletized or any one piece exceeds 90 lbs, please call in advance; we may divert your shipment to our warehouse.


Special packaging and paperwork:

Please ensure that you are in compliance with EU regulations: for any crating or boxes, all wood parts are to be made of heat-treated wood and clearly show the HT symbol.


If you are shipping materials that are labelled as Hazardous, or if you have aerosols or lithium batteries, please consult with us in advance to ensure that you have all necessary paperwork. If in doubt- please call!


Office: Ivars, tel: 973 744 6565. Ext 3.