Dear clients!    

Hello to the fall season, which includes the Christmas package collection!  Please see below for collection dates:

Guidelines: Please note that in order for your parcel to be sent as a small package, which includes customs clearance and delivery, it must comply with the the small package guidelines:1)value of the contents of all packages  must be designated in EUROs; 2) The total value of merchandise that  an individual may receive duty-free is 45 euro, 3) Please limit contents to a max. of 3 items per commodity, ( ie: 3 used girls' sweaters, 2 used womens' sweaters) please limit package weight to under 35 lbs; declare all items.If you have any questions please call prior to packing and we will gladly assist you

                               Exchange rate: 45 euro = $52.32. ( $ x .86 euro)   (9/5/18)                                               

  If you have Latvian books you would like to send to Latvia, but no recipient in mind, we suggest "Otrā elpa" in Riga - an organization modeled on "Goodwill" industry, whereby proceeds from all sales are donated to charities.

If mailing packages directly to our warehouse, please address packages:
Your name, Package registration number
c/o Latvian American Shipping Line,
84 Harbor Drive,
Jersey City, NJ 07305.
We suggest that you also call to notify us, so that we know to look for the parcels.

Click here for:
midwest dates                   Click here for: west coast dates

 The next collection of packages will be for Christmas 2017, and will take place at our collection points from mid-October thru the first weekend in November.

Christmas 2018 PACKAGE SHIPMENT SCHEDULE: East Coast:                              

Boston, MA:Latvian Ev. Luth. Church, 58 Irving St, Brookline, MA:                                               Saturday, October 27 from 2:30-4 pm                                                

Catskills: Rota, Elka Park, NY: Please call if you would like to drop off packages during the Memorial weekend on October 6-7.

Philadelphia, PA: St. Johns Latvian Ev. Luth. Church, 301 N. Newtown St Rd., Newtown Sq, PA:    
Saturday, November 3 @1 pm

East Brunswick, NJ: New Brunswick & Lakewood Ev Luth Church, 12 Gates Ave, East Brunswick, NJ:  Saturday, November 3 @ 11 am

Lancaster: please call!

Yonkers, NY: New York Latvian Ev Luth Church, 254 Valentine Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705:                 Saturday, November 3 from 1-2 pm                              

Manchester, CT:  Spring and Garden Street (21 Garden St): Please call to schedule!

Poughkeepsie,NY:  2 Merry Hill Rd, Poughkeepsie:
Sunday, October 28  from 9-10 am 

Priedaine: New Jersey Latvian Society, Freehold, NJ: please call!


Long Island/Sala: Latvian Lutheran Church - 4 Riga Lane, Melville, NY:
Saturday, November 3  from 10-11 am            

Washington, DC: Latvian Luth Church, rear-parking lot: 400 Hurley Ave, Rockville, MD:
Sunday, November 4 from 9-10:45 am             

Wilmington, DE: Baidins residence: 1104 Windon Drive, Wilmington DE:
Saturday, November 3 @2:30 pm                                      

SOUTH and MIDWEST collection points for MAY 2018 shipment:

Atlanta: please contact Inese ( to arrange drop-off before Oct 16.

St Petersburg, FL: Latvian Center: 17905 9th Ave, N, St Petersburg, FL:                                            Saturday, October 6 from 12:30-3 pm                              
Indianapolis: Latvian Center: 1008 W 64th St, Indianapolis, IN:
Friday, Oct 19 
@ 6 pm

Chicago#1: St Peter's Latvian Congregation: 450 Forest Preserve Drive, Wood Dale, IL:
Wednesday,  Oct 24
@ 1 pm
(if LASL driver is delayed, please call NJ office!: 963 744 6565)

Chicago#2: Addison/Ashland St intersection:  Friday, Oct 26 @ approx 8 pm

Milwaukee, WI: Latvian Lutheran Church: 1853 N 75th St, Milwaukee, WI:                                     Wednesday,  Oct 24@ 5 pm                          

Minneapolis: Latvian Lutheran Church 3152 17th Ave, Minneapolis, MN:                                      Thursday, Oct 25@ 12 noon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

"Latvijas Ciems": 10740 Kurzeme Rd, Three Rivers, MI:
Oct 27 @11 am

Kalamazoo: Latvian Center: 100 Cherry Hill Dr, Kalamazoo, MI:
Saturday, Oct 27@ 12 noon

Detroit: Latvian Lutheran Church: 30623 W 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI:
Saturday, Oct 27 @ 5pm

Cleveland, OH: Latvian Lutheran Church: 1385 Andrews Ave, Lakewood, OH:
Oct 28 @ 9:45 am                                      

WESTERN US collection points:

San Francisco: 1563 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501:                                                               Saturday, October 13 from 10am-1pm                                                         

Los Angeles: Latvian Center: 1955 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA:                                                   
Saturday, October 6 from 10am-12pm

Portland: Latvian Center: 5500 Dosch Rd, Portland, OR: Sunday, October 21 from 9-10:45 am

Seattle: Latvian Center:  11710 3rd Ave NE, Seattle WA 98175: please call!                                                     

 If sending your package to us via UPS/USPS, please ensure that it reaches us by Friday, November 3, 2018.

                Please call about PERSONAL PACKAGE REGULATIONS: 45euro/ recipient is max package value per package to be duty free, and for your package to be accepted as a PERSONAL PACKAGE! All values must be designated in EURO

December 16, 2018
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